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Welcome to China DLC Machinery Co.,Limited > About us >

China DLC Machinery Co., Limited is registered in Hongkong and own production factories in mainland China. We have following product sections:

  1. Candle and chalk machinery fabrication
  2. Waterproofing system

3.   Sporting goods

      4. epoxty tooling board

5.   Small scale machinery especially for household shop or factory


DLC candle and chalk machinery factory was established in 1982. At the beginning our factory make the practical and low price candle and chalk machineries and tools for the under developed China last century. Though the candle and chalk demand in China is decreased for the powerful electricity and school education computerization, Africa and South America has been our leading market nowdays. We have exported many sets of the candle and chalk machinery for small and medium shops and factory there.

Our candle and chalk machinery fabrication mainly include:

  1. Various candle
  2. Candle making machinery
  3. Candle raw material
  4. Candle accessories
  5. Chalk
  6. Chalk making machinery

For more information please visit our product column. DLC Research and Development Department are always exploring any innovative and fashionable things in the candle and chalk industries, if you have any good idea or request please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try our best to help you and realize the beautiful dream!

DLC waterproofing system factory mainly produces the waterproofing ABS/APP butiminous membrane, waterproofing mortar, waterproofing cement, waterproofing fabric and other water proofing construction materials. They are widely used in civil and commercial building construction. Any waterproofing materials will be offered and supplied with satisfactory!

DLC pharma and chemcial factory was established in 1979.DLC chemicals produce 200,000tons of industrial grade glycine, pemium quality glycine up to 40,000 tons per year. We export 70% of the glycine production average annually.Our chemical department also produce the sporting goods, like gym chalk (magnesium carbonate block), cone talc chalk,cue chalk.

DLC machinery poultry equipment factory offers various poultry farm facilities, e.g. the poultry cage, drinking system, feeding system, ventilation, poultry shed design, heating system, feed storage silo etc. They are widely used in China poultry farmland and received high reputation.We have exported complete sets of the equipment to Middle East and Africa.

DLC small scale machinery factory target on the household business project. Ususally the unemployed and simple labor has a large portion in some countries in the world. The small scale machineries are designed to promote the household economy and fight the poverty. From small scale peanut butter grinder to small scale electricity generator, all of the machineries are simple and economical while the quality is best!


Fore more information, please do not hesite to contact us!