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barbed u nail, U-nails

barbed u nail, U-nails

Fence staples, also known as U-nails (items 17-01 and 17-02) have the body of

a nail bent into the shape of a “U” and pointed on both ends. They serve to attach

deer fence (both polypropylene and metal hexagrid) to trees and wood posts.

We offer two varieties. As a general rule, the longer 2-inch ones (item 17-01)

are used to attach deer fencing to trees with medium to thick bark. The shorter

1.25-inch ones (item 17-02) are good for use on thin-barked trees like maples,

and also for attaching deer fence to wood posts, houses, or existing wooden

fences. Figure on using about five U-nails per tree or post. For more information