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brad nail production line

brad nail production line


The brad nail production line is used to make the brad nail like the following :


The brad nail production line include the wire flattening machine, wire band bonding machine

and wire brad nail forming machine

1. Wire flattening machine:  

used to press the round steel wire into square or flat section shape.

Capacity: 0-350 meter/minute

Wire thickness: 0.3-1.0mm

flat wire thickness tolerance: +-0.01mm

power: 3kw

Machine Dimension: 760*1800x1280mm

Weight: 470kgs

2. Wire band bonding machine

Capacity: 0-5meter/minute

wire band width: 50-130mm

wire thickness: 0.5-1.4mm

Machine dimension: 1800*1500x1700mm

Weight: 650kgs

Power: 2.2kw -4.5kw


3. Wire brad nail forming machine

Capacity: 110-150 strikes of forming/cutting per minute

Brad nail band width: 50-130mm

Brad nail thickness: 0.8-1.0mm

Dimension: 1200x1800x1550mm

Weight: 1700kgs

Power: 5kw



The working video of each machine are available, please send me email for request.