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motorcycle exhaust pipe making machine

motorcycle exhaust pipe making machine

This machine is used to roll up the cone motorcycle exhaust pipes in stainless steel

feature: it adopts medium or high hydraulic pressure system, double rollers cone rolling

with large transmission gear box. it can roll the pipe with steel sheet, stainless steel sheet.

it may roll up the cylindrical shaped pipe and cone shaped forms the cone or cylinder

in accurate shape, the joint edge are curved, not straight, convinient for next welding procedure.

the max length of the pipe may reach 1000mm, max dia 500mm cylindrical or cone pipe.

the operation is simple, the rolled product has satisfactory shape and high efficiency.

it resolved the three-roller machine deformation and complicated operation problem.

it's ideal for the hardware cylinder rolling and cone rolling equipment.

It's not only make the motorcycle exhaust pipe, also can make the household electrical

heating pot and warm cups.


motor power: 3kw


power supply: 380v, 50hz/60hz

drive: elctrical circuit drive

rolling speed: 10/min

lower roller dia: 300mm

min rolling diameter: 50mm

forming source: hydraulic

controll: Numeric control

layout: horizontal

processing material: metal- steel/ stainless steel

roller material: engineering rubber special

stainless steel sheet thickness: no more than 3mm

stainless steel sheet web: no more than 1000mm


This machine is designed to make motorcycle exhaust pipe

if you need make other pipes or cylindricals, the roller should be

changed accordingly.