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Liquid Hand Chalk in bottle with hook

Liquid Hand Chalk in bottle with hook

Get a grip! Wet and sweaty hands have resulted in more dropped passes and missed shots

than we can count.The Liquid Chalk gives you the edge by giving your hands or gloves an

immediate dry grip on your equipment. One application of this non-sticky formula with

natural ingredients can have you catching game-winning touchdowns or keeping that club

head in perfect alignment within seconds. It's the perfect accessory to help you perform

at the top of your game. Working on a carpentry or woodworking project? DLC Liquid Chalk

 will help you keep a good grip on your tools. Use it before putting on a pair of disposable

gloves to keep your hands dry and comfortable.

Key Details:

• Instantly dries hands to combat sweaty, slippery hands

• For use on hands in and out of gloves

• Absorbs sweat without being messy or sticky

• Water Resistant

• Works Instantly

• Quick Dry formula that lasts up to 2 hours

• All Natural Formula

• Paraben & Preservative Free

• Travel Compliant - Travel With It Anywhere

• rubbing a few drops of the liquid chalk into the palms of your hands, a white,

chalky film appears creating a dry, not tacky grip, ideal for althetes of all sports. 


note: the hook is optional!